Common Name:Koso
Scientific Name:Pterocarpus erinaceus
Distribution:West tropical Africa
Tree Size:Nil
Average Dried Weight:Nil
Janka Hardness:Nil
General Description
The heartwood of the tree is reddish brown. Sapwood is light yellow and clearly separated from the heartwood. It does turn well and is used in the manufacture of furniture Sap dries to a blood-red resin called kino, i.e. dragon-blood gum or gumkine.
The wood has a handsome fine-grained appearance and, once seasoned, maintains shape very well. Used for external construction, furniture including cabinets and stools. Also used in carpentry for doors window frames, decorative panelling, parquet flooring.
Market Value and usage
One of its an economic importance is the good quality nectar which is obtained from this African gum tree. It also produces a good charcoal. The African gum tree has a potential for use as live fencing.
Parts of the plant are used in dyeing cotton. The dyestuff is pulverized and mixed with water, the cloth dipped and dried and shea oil or palm oil rubbed in to produce a dark purple colour. Bark is sometimes used in tannin.
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