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In PROWPMAN we are committed to healthy wood business by consolidating Sustainable Forest Management and taking responsibilities.

Processed Wood Producers and Marketers Association reforestation intervention project was inaugurated on 26th ,October, 2016 by the Representative of the Federal Minister of Environment with lots of pump and pageantry . It took off on 10 hectares of land at Ilupeju / Ijan axis of Ogbese Forests Reserve, Ado Ekiti . The project aimed among other things to :

(a)Fulfilment as a social responsibility to the society.
(b) Put more land under forest cover
(c) Reclaim forests land already lost to farming and incessant bush burning.
(d) Contribute to sustainable source of raw materials to wood based industries
(e) Provide alternative source of livelihood aside lumbering to forest community dwellers through integration of non Timber Forest spps.
(f) Serve as demonstration/research/ training platform for institutions of learning and independent Researchers.
The areas planted Then was 10 hectares, Among notable spps planted include; Khaya spps ,Terminalia spps Mansonia,Parkia biglobosa , Irvingia spps ( both gabolensis & wombulu ) Pterocapus spps ( Fadapa) Chrisophyllum albidum ( African star apple) e. t .c .
Method of approach has been planting of Gmelina & Teak at very low density to provide shade for nursing of those spps that require initial shade to survive at early stages of development.
Achievement so far has been very encouraging particularly with the collaboration of an Ado Ekiti based NGO; Green to Wealth Abundance Development Initiative Foundation ( GADEF) . GADEF has engaged the Ilupeju/Ijan community on sensitization on the need to support and protect the project. This has yielded much positively in fire prevention particularly at the peak of dry seasons . Some of them are encouraged to own farm plots within the plantation, and they have been involved in the maintenance of the plantation.
Our Strength
Resources optimization
Environmental Impact
Social Impact
Area of coverage: 10 Hectares
Species planted: 10,000 seedlings of various indigenous species
Recovery rate: 57%
Challenges: Late approach
Solution: Replanting
Area of coverage: 4 Hectares
Species planted: 3,500 seedlings of various indigenous species
Recovery rate: 78%
Challenges: Wild Fire
Solution: Appropriate Planing & Maintenance
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